Our Volunteers - Bios

We have a constantly growing number of volunteer Therapy Animal Teams. Below you will find pictures and a short bio of some, although not all, of our teams (click on any image for a larger view).

alma Alma & Susan

bassie Basie & Van

Basie comes from a successful show-dog background.  Among his achievements, was when he won “Winners Dog” and the “5 point major” that earned him a champion title at the Tibetan Terrier National Specialty in 2007.  He also received his Canine Good Citizen award and became a therapy dog under Therapy Dogs, Inc.  After he retired from the world of dog shows, he and I went on to become a certified Reading Education Assistance Dog Team in 2008.  Now, Basie enjoys visiting nursing homes, schools and libraries and being a family dog.  We love hiking above tree-line and playing soccer in the backyard, too!  – Van White, Dillon

Jake & Donna

Jake is a Siberian Husky/mix who was adopted from the Summit County Animal Shelter in 2001 and became the Shelter's Humane Ed Dog in 2003. His education specialty is Dog Bite Prevention. Jake has tough numerous students how to "Be a Tree" and "a Rock" and when he is not educating he is out enjoying long hikes where he occasionally meets kids he has taught and all of a sudden they become a tree or rock! Jake was a R.E.A.D. dog for three years and retired from that activity as he loves the bigger audiences. Jake is an educator at heart! 

Lexi & Maggie

Lexi is an energetic Yellow Labrador Retriever who loves to spend her summers encouraging kids to read to her at the Breckenridge Library, and swimming in the various ponds around Summit County. Lexi lives part of the year in Tucson Arizona. Lexi brings love and joy to a group of two year olds at a day care center for “at risk” children, and her visits to nursing homes, bring out a sparkle of life, even in Alzheimer patients.

Lilly & Kay

Luke & Ann 

I'm Luke - a smiling Golden Retriever and I just love everyone.  I believe my mission in life is to make people happy.  I have the best place to live, 20 acres with a pond 30 feet from the front door!  I get to go for a hike with Ann every morning.  I have a dog door, a comfy bed, I get treats and I love to go visit people.  I'm hoping that where ever I'm needed to visit, I can bring a smile and a moment of happiness to someone in need!

 max Max & Brad

Max is a Siberian Husky living in Breckenridge, CO. His favorite therapy activity is reading with children. He is active with the R.E.A.D. program at Upper Blue Elementary school during the school year and at the Breckenridge Library during the summer.

When Max is not performing therapy activities, he is a true Siberian Husky and is skijoring throughout the Colorado backcountry.

monty Monty & Jo-Anne

pepper Pepper & Adrienne

Pepper is a fun-loving dog who loves his therapy work. He and Adrienne are a registered R.E.A.D. team and have volunteered to conduct that program at both libraries and elementary schools in Summit County. They also make regular visits to the Leadville Extended Care Facility to bring smiles and happiness to residents and staff of this facility. Pepper had an interesting upbringing as Adrienne adopted him from a Colorado Prison "Dog Training Program".

Ursa & Cynthia

Vinny & Lyn

Vinny is an Australian Shepherd born in 2006 who has been doing therapy dog work since 2007. He and Lyn make regular visits to the St. Anthony's Summit Medical Center and weekly R.E.A.D. visits to Summit Cove Elementary School. Vinny and Lyn also bring their therapy work to the Easter Seals Day Camp.

Vinny, the therapy dog, is the topic of a children's coloring book written by author Su Nelson entitled "Vinny Goes to Work".

Woody & Jan

Hi, my name is Woodrow. I'm a spry golden retriever born in 2006.  I love going to Silverthorne Elementary during the school year and Silverthorne Library in the summer.  I hear so many great stories from my reading friends. I have a busy schedule during the school year, but I always have time for energetic activities. I love to go on hikes. For my winter hikes, I have my fleece jacket and very special booties to keep me warm. For all other seasons, my hikes include stream crossings, swimming, and MUD, which usually prompts a good rinse and lots of brushing. It's a tough life, but some doggie's got to do it!