Member Area

Email Distribution List

We maintain an email distribution list for active and interested parties of Summit Therapy Animals. Email sent to 'members' will get distributed to all members of the list.

Below is the list of people on the email distribution list. The actual emails of each person have been omitted to prevent this page from becoming a source of email SPAM.

Susan Alderman
Suzanne Allen
Cynthia Astor
Dawn Banas
Linda Biel
Mac Borsina
Bonnie Brown
Theresa Campbell
Sarah Conrad
Donna Corcel
Kacey Cowie
Pete Digel
Don Dudick
Louise Ehrich
Sarah Grunes
Connie Haseloh
Ann Hill
Maggie Hillman
Maggie Hoff
Holly Holden
Deidra Ivey
Margi Kaspari
Kathie Kralik
Lyn Manton Krueger
Pam Krugman
Diane Lamboley
Holly LaTour
Denise Levy
Kathy Lorch
Kerry Maye
Donna McCormack
Spence McGrath
Tina Oberheide
Janice Parish
Brad Perry
Rose Pray
Mark Pumarlo
Kay Raso
Priscilla Repton
Patt Reyes
Lynn Rys
Linda Schutt
Jan Shipman
Adrienne Sielaff
Patti Smith
Sandee Smith
Deb Snyder
Heidi Sodetz
Jenn Sprecher
Joanne Tyson
Jane VanBaren
Justin Welch